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Australian Wildlife Supplies

P O Box 385

Archerfield  Qld  4108


Mobile: 0417 749 501


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About Australian Wildlife Supplies

Australian Wildlife Supplies began trading in March 2002.

It was originally established by Julie Firkins in Bayside, Brisbane as a specialist supplier to the wildlife rehabilitation industry including wildlife carers, zoos/sanctuaries, government departments and private enterprises that were caring for, keeping or breeding Australian native animals.


Prior to this, Julie had 12 years experience within the veterinary wholesaling industry both as a sales representative and later as assistant state manager for the Queensland branch. Australian Wildlife Supplies is the result her experiences in both those fields and her experiences as a wildlife rehabilitator specialising in koalas and flying foxes.


In winter 2004 AWS began to promote the Wombaroo Passwell range of bird products to the bird breeding industry at bird auctions and shows. AWS have since attended numerous bird events as a trade exhibitor and expanded into this very interesting field.After setting up a trade display at one bird show AWS was approached by members of the Qld Finch Society to become the major supplier for their group. This was a huge turning point for AWS as it totally changed the focus from wildlife and suddenly finch breeders rapidly became the largest client group. Milk formulae made room for bird seed and the product range basically doubled.


Australian Wildlife Supplies is currently concentrating on expanding our client base to include breeders of canaries and budgerigars, making AWS the only small bird specialist supplier in the country.  AWS maintains a strong client base in regional and remote areas through our mail order service. 


In July 2008 Julie sold the business to fellow rehabber Serena Gosling who has a solid background in business administration and ten years experience as a wildlife carer specialising in native birds.


Australian Wildlife Supplies uses profits to actively promote wildlife rehabilitation and conservation through a number of projects.  Our hope is that in time and with your support it will become recognised for the positive contributions it makes to so ... please share the news about Australian Wildlife Supplies. We offer great prices, a professional service and a sound knowledge of wildlife caring. We have some great contacts too and are happy to assist where we can in any aspect of wildlife caring.


Please note: 

AWS does not hold a license to sell scheduled or restricted drugs. This means drugs scheduled S4 or S6-S9. These are all drugs requiring a definitive diagnosis prior to prescribing as treatments can be potentially dangerous or addictive. If you do require such drugs please consult your preferred veterinarian.

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