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Australian Wildlife Supplies specialises in wildlife rehabilitation products for native fauna. Australian Wildlife Supplies is proud supplier to The Queensland Finch Society Inc.
We specialises in products for finches as well as canaries, budgerigars and parrots. Australian Wildlife Supplies stocks a comprehensive range of books on the ecology, biology and morphology of native wildlife as well as a wide range of books on birds and aviculture.
Profits get put back into saving Sick,Injured and Orphaned Animals.
Wildcare Australia members have discounted pricing.
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March 7th QFS Monthly Meeting (Morningside School of Arts Hall 7pm-8.30)
Anything in particular you are looking for and pre-orders welcome. Please let us no ASAP so we can have it in stock in plenty of time. (Wildlife Rehab supplies can also be picked up if pre ordered)

Wombaroo Kangaroo Pellets

Grass Based Pellets

Now Available in 5kg


Flowmatic Small $6.40

Flowmatic Large $8.30

Australian Wildlife Supplies

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